2024 Maxim Fintech Virtual Symposium

Presented by Maxim Group
Hosted on M-Vest

2024 Maxim Fintech Virtual Symposium

June 25th at 9:00 AM ET
Presented by Maxim Group Hosted on M-Vest

We will be presenting our 2024 Maxim Fintech Virtual Symposium. Our virtual event will focus on the evolving Fintech industry, featuring survivors and emerging companies in specialty finance, payments, and real estate that have integrated advanced technology into their business models. Attend the symposium and hear senior managements of these companies talk about their growth plans. To attend, just sign up to become an m-vest member and stay tuned for more updates!




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AtlasClear Holdings, Inc.

AtlasClear Holdings, Inc. ATCH

BM Technologies, Inc.

BM Technologies, Inc. BMTX

Enova international

Enova international ENVA

FlexShopper, Inc.

FlexShopper, Inc. FPAY

Heritage Global Inc.

Heritage Global Inc. HGBL

The Marygold Companies, Inc.

The Marygold Companies, Inc. MGLD

The OLB Group, Inc.

The OLB Group, Inc. OLB

Paysign, Inc.

Paysign, Inc. PAYS

Safe and Green Development Corporation

Safe and Green Development Corporation SGD

SHF Holdings, Inc.

SHF Holdings, Inc. SHFS

Sky Harbour Group Corporation

Sky Harbour Group Corporation SKYH

SurgePays, Inc.

SurgePays, Inc. SURG

Usio, Inc.

Usio, Inc. USIO



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