Roth Conference
8th Annual London

8th Annual London Conference
June 21 - June 23, 2022

InterContinental London in London, UK

This conference will give investors the opportunity to meet with executive management from approximately 75 companies in a variety of sectors including: AgTech, Energy, Sustainability (Solar, Environmental, Mobility and Transportation) and Technology. ESG investment guidelines, shareholder pressure, exchange listings mandates, supply chain management challenges, government bid requirements, and customer demand among other issues have contributed to what has been called the hottest sustainability market of our times.

Meetings will be in a 1-on-1 / small group meeting format, consisting of 40-minute management-investor to provide our institutional clients with extensive interaction with executive management to gain in-depth insights into each company.

The intimate format of the event will allow for meaningful interaction with select company management teams through meetings and many social events throughout the event.

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Learn About Roth London Conference Participating Companies

Arbe Robotics Ltd.
(Nasdaq: ARBE)

Arbe’s Imaging Radar technology has transformed radar as a sensor by infusing it with capabilities that were previously associated with more costly sensors like LiDAR. Arbe is a leader in the fast-growing automotive radar market, which has a projected total addressable market of $11B in 2025.

American Lithium Corp.

American Lithium Corporation is well-positioned to play a key role in society’s shift to a secure, sustainable new energy paradigm in the Americas.

Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp.
(Nasdaq: BIOX)

Bioceres Crop Solutions is a fully-integrated provider of crop productivity technologies designed to enable the transition of agriculture towards carbon neutrality.

Evergen Infrastructure Corp.

EverGen acquires, develops, owns and operates Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects using a platform approach to reliably build sustainable infrastructure to supply the North American gas grid with clean energy from organic waste.

(Nasdaq: ADSE)

ADS-TEC provides intelligent and decentralized energy storage systems through our ultra-fast battery buffered technology to municipalities, utility companies, oil & gas companies, OEM’s / Auto-dealerships, charge point operators, fleets, condominiums & apartments, offices & industrial sites, and rental car companies in North America and Europe, EVEN ON A POWER LIMITED GRID.

Darling Ingredients Inc.

Darling Ingredients Inc. is the largest publicly traded company turning edible by-products and food waste into sustainable products and a leading producer of renewable energy. Our purpose is to repurpose, and it’s been our mission since 1882.

Evolution Petroleum Corp.
(NYSE American: EPM)

Evolution is an oil and natural gas company focused on delivering a sustainable dividend yield to its stockholders through the ownership of and investment in oil and natural gas properties onshore in the United States.

Nuvve Holding Corp.
(Nasdaq: NVVE)

Nuvve is leading the intelligent electrification of transportation through our proprietary vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology and ecosystem of electrification partners to delivery new value to EV owners, accelerate the adoption of EVs, and support the world’s transition to clean energy.

Benson Hill Inc.

Benson Hill moves food forward with the CropOS® platform, a cutting-edge food innovation engine that combines data science and machine learning with biology and genetics. Benson Hill empowers innovators to unlock nature’s genetic diversity from plant to plate, with the purpose of creating nutritious, great-tasting food and ingredient options that are both widely accessible and sustainable.

374Water Inc.
(Nasdaq: SCWO)

374Water is a global cleantech, social impact company whose mission is to preserve a clean and healthy environment that sustains life. We are pioneering a new era of sustainable waste management that supports a circular economy and enables organizations to achieve their sustainability goals.

Ormat Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Ormat is a leading geothermal company and the only vertically integrated company engaged in geothermal and recovered energy generation (REG). Ormat leveraged its core capabilities and global presence to expand its activity into different energy storage services and solar photovoltaic (PV), including hybrid geothermal and solar PV as well as energy storage plus Solar PV. Ormat’s objective is to become a leading global provider of renewable energy.

Optimize Rx Corp.
(Nasdaq: OPRX)

OptimizeRx is the best-in-class health technology company enabling care-focused engagement between life sciences organizations, healthcare providers, and patients at critical junctures throughout the patient care journey. Connecting over 60% of U.S. healthcare providers and millions of their patients through the most intelligent technology platform embedded within a proprietary digital point-of-care network, OptimizeRx helps patients start and stay on their medications.

SiTime Corp.
(Nasdaq: SITM)

SiTime Corporation (SITM) is a market leader in precision timing. Our programmable solutions offer a rich feature set that enables customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, smaller size, lower power, and better reliability. With over 2 billion devices shipped, SiTime is changing the timing industry. For more information, visit

AltusPower Inc.

Altus Power delivers savings and sustainability benefits to its rapidly growing pool of commercial, public sector, and community solar customers. Altus Power serves its customers by offering locally-sited solar generation, energy storage, and EV-charging stations across the U.S. Since its founding in 2009, Altus Power has constructed or acquired 362 megawatts of distributed generation solar facilities from Vermont to Hawaii.

Kalera Public Limited Company
(Nasdaq: KAL)

Kalera is a vertical farming company headquartered in Orlando, Florida and a branch offices in Munich, Kuwait and Singapore. Kalera uses the latest technology to ensure that more people around the world have access to the freshest, most nutritious, and cleanest products available. It has spent several years optimizing plant nutrient formulas and developing an advanced automation and data acquisition system with Internet of Things, cloud, big data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Tritium DCFC Ltd.
(Nasdaq: DCFC)

Tritium designs and manufactures proprietary hardware and software to create advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. Tritium’s compact and robust chargers are designed to look great on Main Street and thrive in harsh conditions, through technology engineered to be easy to install, own, and use. Tritium is focused on continuous innovation in support of our customers around the world.

Loop Industries Inc.
(Nasdaq: LOOP)

Loop Industries is a technology company that delivers a circular solution to the global plastic waste emergency reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We break down plastic and polyester fiber waste like bottles, packaging, carpets and textiles to their base building blocks which are filtered, purified and polymerized to create virgin-quality PET resin. We help CPG brand companies meet their sustainability objectives using low heat and no added pressure that’s kinder to the planet. We also take waste that has low to no value so less plastic and polyester end up in landfills and oceans. Loop is on a mission to accelerate a circular plastics economy.

Green Plains Inc.
(Nasdaq: GPRE)

Green Plains is a leading biorefining company focused on the development and utilization of fermentation, agricultural and biological technologies to process annually renewable crops into sustainable, value-added ingredients. We are rapidly transforming into the biorefinery platform of the future, converting a kernel of corn into sustainable products to help meet the global demand for high-value feed ingredients, low-carbon fuel, synthetic biology and specialty alcohols. Our platform is proudly incorporating sustainable practices at every level of our business. We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint while extracting additional value from every kernel of corn we procure.

Farmland Partners Inc.

Farmland Partners Inc. is an internally managed, publicly traded (NYSE: FPI) real estate company that acquires high-quality, income-producing farmland throughout North America. The Denver-based company owns and/or manages approximately 185,000 acres of farmland in 18 states, making it the nation’s biggest farmland Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) by acreage.

Anaergia Inc.

Anaergia converts waste into useful resources, protect the environment, and sustain life for generations to come. Where some see waste, they see resources.


On a mission to grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity, AeroFarms is leading the way for indoor vertical farming and championing transformational innovation for agriculture.

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