Connecting Businesses to Investors


Our Core Capabilities

At B2i Digital, our mission is to harness the full potential of paid and organic digital marketing channels to craft and amplify your fact-based, regulatory-compliant, and fundamental story.

Digital campaigns are combined with some traditional corporate access methodologies, such as conferences and analyst introductions, to provide a holistic investor engagement strategy.

For digital, we use a comprehensive range of platforms, including Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Twitter/X Ads, alongside strategic organic tactics such as social media engagement, targeted email marketing, and the continuous flow of visitors to b2idigital.com. With our expertise, we advise and develop marketing campaigns tailored to reach the optimal mix of retail investors, institutional investors, and equity research analysts. Continually refining our targeting strategies over time, we maximize the impact of your message, ensuring it resonates with the right audiences and drives exceptional results.

For traditional corporate access, we leverage tried-and-true forums such as investor conferences and introductions to analysts.

Sample Work:


Additional Services

Discover the power of B2i Digital's comprehensive suite of additional services designed to propel your company's success in the digital realm.

Deck Refresh

Stand out in the eyes of investors with B2i Digital's captivating design services that effectively communicate your brand's unique value proposition.

Social Media Management

B2i Digital’s Social Media Management Service ensures your company maintains an engaging online presence across popular platforms, driving investor interaction and enhancing market awareness.

Branding and Logo Design

B2i Digital's investor-centric design services deliver visually compelling materials that resonate with investors, effectively communicating your company's value and fostering trust and confidence.

Website and Landing Page Design

B2i Digital's website services focus on designing visually captivating and user-friendly landing pages and websites. This online content effectively showcases your company's unique value proposition, driving investor engagement and conversions.

Note: We're not a full-service web development company, and if you have extensive needs, we will refer you to the right partner.

Hubspot Implementation and Maintenance

B2i Digital's expertise as a HubSpot partner allows us to help companies unlock the full potential of this powerful marketing automation and sales enablement platform. We use it ourselves and recommend it to any client who needs a solid marketing, sales, and/or CMS technology stack.

B2C and B2B Digital Marketing Services

B2i Digital's tailored B2C and B2B digital marketing strategies help businesses effectively reach and convert their target audience, driving brand growth, lead generation, and revenue expansion.