Targeted Digital Marketing
To Generate Investor Awareness

What We Do

We leverage targeted digital marketing to generate relevant investor awareness of public companies or companies who plan to go public.
Current or potential investors want to know what makes a company unique. CEOs should think about what investors want to know. B2i Digital leverages the latest digital marketing tools and technologies to tell your story to investors with content such as:

Current Financials


Breaking News


Market Potential


Management Bios


Business Model


Strategic Plan


Tell Your Story. Target Precisely. Talk To Investors.



Discover Companies. Get The Facts. Engage with Management.


B2i Digital

We leverage B2i marketing to create the intelligent, transparent, and essential dialogue between companies and investors.

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Q: What is b2i Marketing?


A: Business-to-Investor Marketing

Everyone knows B2C and B2B marketing, but an overlooked target audience is the investors that support a company's growth from startup to trillion-dollar market capitalization.

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b2i marketing accurately tells a company's story at scale to:

  • High Net Worth Retail Investors
  • Institutions
  • Equity Research Analysts
  • Strategic Business Partners

Digital Marketing Changed Everything. Historically, the worlds of finance and marketing kept to themselves. It's only been in recent years that the worlds are coming together and marketing is being used effectively and compliantly to share a company's story with a relevant investor audience.